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  • Spaces Are Filling Up For The Workshops!

    November 8, 2010  |  Uncategorized  |  Comments Off

    You Better Reserve Yours!

    Upcoming Fall Workshops

    November 1, 2010  |  Events and Workshops  |  Comments Off

    All workshops unless otherwise noted are held at the GHH headquarters in beautiful Milton, Ontario.

    Kombucha Making: 101

    Kom ∙ boo ∙ cha

    Kombucha is a delightfully effervescent fermented beverage made from tea and sugar. During the fermentation process this “elixir of life” creates antioxidants, probiotics, B vitamins and polyphenols that when consumed leave you feeling radiant and light.

    The benefits of Kombucha can be extensive:

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    The Halloween Dilemma

    November 1, 2010  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

    Happy Halloween!

    1st Halloween ever – done.

    Pride mildly bruised


    faith slightly restored.

    This halloween was the 1st halloween I have had to face the ghoulish masses and I was soooo excited. For many years we lived downtown in a major city high-rise where you were most likely to get a trick rather than a treat. So the challenge of finding something suitable for the kids on this scariest of nights had never been an issue.

    IT WAS HARD. Even my family was embarrassed by my proposed apples and toys. Both of them refusing to greet our costumed visitors at the door leaving

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    Notable Quotable For The Day

    October 29, 2010  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

    ~Drinking coffee and eating sweets are a form of nutritional credit; you get energy that you don’t actually have & then you pay for it later.

    Check Out An Excerpt From My New Stress Management Program

    October 27, 2010  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

    Just I thought I would share a little excerpt from the new program. I am putting on the finishing touches, it will be ready very soon!

    Stress is unavoidable!

    There I said it. Not what you wanted hear but it is a fact.

    There is good stress, for example the expectation of a new child, an upcoming engagement, graduation or wedding; and not so good stress like job dissatisfaction, polutants, poor nutrition, bills piling up and lack of physical exercise.

    Stress = change and change we can adapt to and that = growth, yay an oportunity for growth!

    But all stress whether it be good or bad can have negative health consequences especially if it is continues for a long time without keeping it in check.

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    For My Friends Over At LSUC, Energy And Oatmeal!

    October 26, 2010  |  Blog, Recipes  |  Comments Off

    The other day I had the wonderful fortune of presenting an Eating for Energy lunch-and-learn over at the Law Society of Upper Canada. I love doing these kinds of talks as it is my opportunity to provide information, inspiration and motivation to those who may have not heard about all the benefits of holistic living and eating.

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